Friday, September 9, 2011


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Holy trinity

    Crow Mother, her eyes, her eggs — Meinrad Craighead

Wrapped to the breast
   In a python’s grip
  Birthed in the backseat
              With shredded wings
Black beak black sky
  White shocked lightning wrapped
     To cover the head
Don’t look too close at me
  It’s all dark chasm
     Behind my broken shell
Snake skin slither, that thin
  Shiver; recognition rises
      With silver-shake and rattle-hiss
Eyes on every feather
Birth the snake eat the snake
Snake eats you
Lightning underfoot
   A static dance
     We do in wooing
         The world we imagine
The length of it cracks ribs,
Cuts breath:
Old crone’s bony fingers
Maiden’s wings
Mother’s prison
This is the trinity we live
Our existence

Ellen Marie Metrick 8.24.2011

Telluride Mushroom Festival August 2011


If friendship is a dark path
Through dense trees on a moonless night
And if words are footsteps
One at a time over unseen ground
And if candy cap ice cream
Drowning  in chanterelle brandy
Is the magic potion
Then count me in

-EMM 8.18.2011