Monday, January 17, 2011

getting started

okay, so two years after i set up this account, i finally enter something. something to get me started, and remind me to enter something else soon. something that will get me into the process, because getting anything done is about getting started; about sitting down, or shaking hands, or simply showing up for the day. so here i am, thanks in part to Sara Ransom, with whom i have lost touch but for whom I have not lost love, and who has been keeping up with her page wonderfully and inspired me to begin again. and, also because i was recently asked to put my web site on an application for Poetry Out Loud, and I didn't have one to put on it, and have been feeling rather inadequate about the whole thing. so. here we go. 2011. Next step, to add poetry for those POL teachers who want to look up my work and contact me to come and inspire their students toward national performance.